Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 1~191.4
March 1, 2017   Lent~40 Days of Renewal

Starting another journey to lose extra pounds.  The goal is to stay within a 1200 calorie diet each day unless I exercise.  Mom and I found these wonderful protein replacement drinks at Costco that are low sugar and full of protein and other healthy stuff.  They will be nice for a quick on the run meal. We also got some 100 cal snack packs of things, cheese, jerky, chips, etc.  And I am going to tie in a colon cleanse drink that I have done in the past.  They say that you could have to 20 lbs of colon waste inside of you.  It takes 2 weeks to clean it out.  So why not start now!  Hopefully the diarrhea won't be too bad.  In the past I did it in conjunction with a laxative tea.  I won't do that this time unless I know that I am going to be home all day.  I also got a small calendar for my purse to write down all my calories so I don't lose track.  I think if this goes well, I will transition over into the Whole 30 next.  I just really want a quick start on the weight loss without all the constant prep work that Whole 30 and Paleo can take out of my day.

Breakfast:  1 protein drink~160 cal
                            1 banana~100 cal
 1-Colby Jack Cheese Stick~80 cal
                              Green Tea~0 cal

  Colon Cleanse Drink x 2~ 208 cal

  Colon Cleanse Drink x 2~ 208 cal
                 3 stalks of celery~18 cal

Dinner:1 1/4c Potato Soup~421 cal

                            TOTAL~1195 cal

Pastors service tonight was so heartfelt and has really opened up my heart to want to use this diet as a way of getting closer to God and discovering exactly how he wants me to witness here on earth.  For these 40 days I want to grow in my scripture reading and prayer time with him.  Because as he said tonight, in the end everyone will bow down to God, everyone will know he is king.

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