Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 10

April 10, 2016

Not a good day at all food wise.  Had half of a whole grain bagel with cream cheese at church.  A McDouble and a fries for lunch.  And chips and salad for dinner.  I had to work all day and had nothing prepped, nothing ready.  We will see what the scale says in the morning.  I also seem to be having a bottom front tooth that is falling apart slowly :(  Time to call the dentist.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 8-9

April 8-9, 2016

Well, April 8 was possibly my worst day ever at work.  The stress of being a supervisor really got to me.  They have milked me dry.  I have decided to go back to being just a cashier.  The rules and standards of performance expectations are not humanly possible.  I am tired of being stressed out at work.  I am driving my family crazy.  I broke my diet terribly. When I got home I ate 3 cookies, some chips, a soda and vodka!  The good/bad thing is that I ended up throwing it all up, so it's almost like I didn't eat it haha.  I ended up at 177 this morning, so I am not going to worry about it.  At least the scale finally moved!  I looked through my blog at my last two Whole 30 rounds and it took until Day 11 to get to 177 lbs those times!  So I am ahead of the game :)  very happy.  I know when I was down to 175 at the end of the last round I felt really good.  I definitely know I can get there again.  And I am not going to stop again this time.  If I slip up, I need to hop back on and keep going on instead of spiraling back up again.  

Despite that curve in the road, I have been cooking up some yummy Paleo stuff though.  I made these savory rosemary pork chops, purple pureed cauliflower and roasted brussels sprouts and asparagus.  I had some of the leftovers this morning on top of a baked potato with a couple of eggs on top!  MMMMmmmm...everything always tasted good with a potato and an egg.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 7

April 7, 2016

I think I figured out why I the scale is so slow.  My period started yesterday so I am retaining water.  The cramps are really bad and I really want potato chips lol.  I did go down to 178 this morning despite all that.  I am maintaining my endurance to dairy and fried foods though thank you to God.  Working a bunch of hours, so I gotta go.

My breakfast this morning was leftover taco meat, spinach, tomatoes and eggs on top of a baked potato.  Mmmmmm...don't even miss the cheese :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 6

April 6, 2016

Woke up this morning kinda blah.  I am still weighing in at 179.  It is disappointing when you are doing everything right.  I think it is just because I have done things like this to my body so many times.  She is in survival mode and waiting for me to break before she lets any fat go lol.  I am going to stay strong.  After a week something will surely have to shift!  I don't even feel like eating anything right now.  Just drinking water.  I will packa lunch though cuz i have a long coupla days at work.  Maybe I will just drink things the next two days.  It seems easier than all of that chopping right now.  Healthy eating can be hard work!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 3-5

April 3-5

These days were much like Day 2.  Still stuck at 179, but feeling in control.  I know there will be a big drop soon while my body is adjusting to this again.  Haven't had any dairy or sugar, vodka, soda or white carbs.  I think my nut mix had a few peanuts in it, but I am not gonna sweat that.  The fact that I am doing so well in the other areas thrills me.  It has been hard for a few moments here and there but it passes by.  I really can't believe it is day 5 already.

I made the family some taco meat for burritos and nachos.  I used the meat too as a base in my breakfast/dinner.  It was ground beef with shredded zucchini, shredded white sweet potato and spinach seasoned with onions and taco seasoning.  Pretty yummy!  I topped mine with eggs of course and tomatoes.

The other meal I relied on the last couple days was a big salad.  I chopped up a bunch of different kinds of veggies and out them in a big bowl in the fridge.  Each time I ate it, I added a hard-boiled egg, nitrate free turkey lunchmeat, sunflower seeds and dressing.  I barely missed the cheese.  The family munched on too.  Bad thing is we are out already and it is only Tuesday haha.  More chopping for momma this week.  Low on funds this week until payday, so will do with what we have.

In between these meals if needed I would grab an apple, Kombacha or a nut mix to snack/sip on.  Lots of tea and water all day long.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 2

~April 2, 2016  

The best part about starting at the beginning of a month is you always know what day you are on.  I know I am not supposed to weigh myself, but I felt so skinny this morning I had to. Down one pound!  179, is better than 180.  If I keep losing a pound a day I could be down 30 pounds by my birthday. I am praying for help a lot more this time.  I can't do anything without God.  To be the best witness for him I need to take better care of myself.

Breakfast was awesome.  I roasted up a package of Adielle's chicken apple sausages, fried up a shredded white sweet potato with some shredded carrots and some eggs and a little tomato.  I made enough for two meals and a two snacks.  The key to doing this right is always being prepared so you don't break the rules.  My family is also enjoying all the prepped items in the fridge so I know they are eating better too. Makes me very happy to get their nutrition up!

I had to work the rest of the day, so I brought along my snack packs of veggies, fruit and meats. 

After work I was craving vodka, but I settled myself with a Kombacha Gingeraid instead.  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 1- Round #3

Day 1~
April 1,  2016

Well I wish my weight was an April fools joke but it is not!  180 this morning, sadly.  I am just too good of a cook!!!  So, I am dedicating my body with God's divine help to the Whole 30 program again.  It is the only one that makes sense to me, and actually works.  This morning's beauty was also great inspiration for me.  Look at this sunrise!
It is almost if God is cheering me on to success.  I always feel heaviest around my birthday, so this year I want to feel amazing!  The next week after my birthday we will be going out to Arizona also to make a surprise visit to his parents for Mother's Day.  And guess what city they live in? Surprise, lol...I crack myself up in the mornings...such a nerd.
So, after rereading, quickly, the book "It Starts with Food", it didn't take me long to remember how this works.  I know my first two attempts were good, and successful, but I did not embrace it completely.  I always allow some sort of dairy into my diet because I love it so.  But this time I am going to not eat any.  My love for it has slowly subsided over the past year, unless it is raw, organic, grass-fed.  But I will wait unil the 30 days is up and that can be my treat :) 

So my breakfast, was 3 fried eggs, overeasy and two roma tomatoes with a sprinkle of spices on top.
And I am drinking my big green cup of ice water.  I am still a little hungry though, so I am going to eat a banana as well.  There is to be no snacking, so you really have to make sure you fill up at your meals.

Lunch was a little less exciting.  I never feel like doing much, so it was pistachios, carrots, lettuce and an apple.

Dinner was weird.  I went to the grocery to stock up on veggies, meats and fruits and when I got home I cleaned and prepped veggie salad, fruit salad, celery boats, sandwich fixins and hard boiled eggs.  So I just snacked on a little bit of everything while I was doing it.  My stomach was fine with that and I finished off the evening with big mugs of decaf tea.