Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 23-31

Day 23-31~
December 23-31, 2015

Well it is the last day of the year!  175.6.  I made it through the holidays without gaining any weight!  I am so happy and blessed with my new found self control and way of eating.  I can really tell this round made a difference.  Did I do it perfectly?  No.  I enjoyed the occasional cookie, rice krispie treat and chocolate over Christmas.  A little bit of dairy here and there.  I am over bread though, and soda, and potato chips and cheese on everything.  These are HUGE steps for me, after several years of making them a regular way of life.  I now enjoy sweet potatoes, tea and water.  I am leaning towards a Paleo lifestyle about 80% of the time, and whole foods the whole time.  So limited amounts of dairy, alcohol, and rare amounts of sweets.  I am now venturing into the use of essential oils for 2016 and some basic, easy exercise...walking lol.  So I will start a new blog or perhaps a facebook page.  I think a page will be easier for me to maintain as I am on there almost every day anyways.

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