Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 9

Day 9~
December 9, 2015

I am sadly out of eggs this morning so I am eating leftover Thai Beef Stew for breakfast and a big mug of green tea. It was time to change it up anyways and it tastes yummy.  I woke up this morning just starving!  Last night at work it was very busy and my break was really late.  I really didn't have any dinner yesterday, just red & green pepper strips and some turkey bacon and tomatoes.

An exciting turn point yesterday though!  I noticed when I put on my work pants and belt that the belt was much looser than normal!  I can spin it all around my waist on the tightest notch.  Made me very happy.  I got on the scale this morning, and a small change there of just 179 instead of 179.8, so that is almost another pound :)  Which is a total of 3.6 pounds in 9 days, about 1/2 pound a day.  So in 60 days that could mean 30 pounds!!!  That would be awesomesauce.  And if I did the 90 day plan, maybe 45 pounds, which would be...perfect@137 pounds.  The weight I was when my husband and I fell in love.

I am making roasted chicken, carrots and squash for dinner with a little green salad for color.  Also going to try and round off the Christmas shopping, take Joe around for job hunting and check out Ted's Market as a new job possibility.

I ended up roasting two 5 pound chickens, so that I will have leftovers for tomorrows dinner.  I might as well since I will already be using the oven energy anyways, and it saves me time!  I think I spend 2-3 hours in the kitchen every day.  Sometimes even longer.  But it's okay.  I LOVE IT!    

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