Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 14

Day 14~
December 14, 2015

Great morning!  Woke up to 176 baby :)  So happy.  Last night at the Christmas dinner was a big challenge for me.  I had to pass on the salad that was loaded with cheese, breadcrumbs and oil, the bread, the lasagna and the only thing I could eat was this white pasta dish (I had to eat dairy though which I didn't want to)  it had teeny pieces of spinach and mushrooms in it that I had to scrape off the noodles to eat.  The sauce was a creamy, cheesy concoction, but I knew it was probably real butter and good cheese so I made a small exception.  I had lots of cups of hot tea and water to fill me up the whole way.  Luckily I am not a dessert person, so that part didn't bother me at all.  I was just a little bit hungry when I got home and too tired to peel a grapefruit and pistachios so I opted for 20 pieces of dark chocolate covered almonds.

Breakfast was my standard delicious plate of white sweet potato (1/3 of a whole potato) fried in coconut oil with grass fed bacon, tomatoes and 2 eggs on top.

Lots of tea, a Kevita and 10 of my dark chocolate almonds for lunch.  I think for dinner I will have a grapefruit and pistachios.  Just not feeling super hungry.      

I have an interview tomorrow at the YMCA!  Very excited!  It would mean a free membership for me.  And, I would be there every day to get a workout in if I get hired!!!

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