Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 15-22

Days 15-22~
December 15-22, 2015

So it has been the same old thing every day for the most part. Unfortunately, I did not get the Y job, but we do have a treadmill just waiting for me in the garage.  (Saving that for a New Years resolution).  I have been so busy with work and Christmas and all of the healthy cooking in the kitchen that I didn't make time for blogging!

This morning prompted me though to make an entry.  I weighed in at 175.4.  That is 8 pounds gone!!! It has gotten so easy too.  I don't even crave anything bad that I used to eat.  I have had a few organic white potatoes here and there and they aren't even as exciting as they used to be.  It is all about being prepared.  I always try to have some cut veggies or cooked meat for quick noshing.  I drink a lot of water and tea and Kevita or seltzer water gives me that fizzy fix when I need it.  For a sweet treat if necessary,  I go to dark choc covered almonds.  I think they main thing around this time is that my mind was ready.

A couple of yummy new meals I have made.  Braised pulled pork with carrots and spinach with apples and cranberries.

This was Italian chicken with my fav white sweet potato hash browns and brussels sprouts.

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