Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 5, 6, 7

Day 5,6,7~
December 5, 6, 7  2015

The last two days I had to work a bunch of hours so I basically stuck to my normal breakfast.  I had a variety of veggies, meats, nuts, seeds and fruits and of course eggs for meals.

Today I am making Thai Beef Stew with Cauliflower Rice for dinner.  I made this the last go around and it is so delicious.  Unfortunately, the hubby doesn't like curry so I make him American Beef Stew as well.  It takes about 2 hours to prepare all this, so I only do these on my day off.

I have not seen any new weight loss on the scale, except the original 3 from the first 3 days, but then that is why they don't want you to check the scale in the book!  Because it takes time.  I feel tremendously better inside with all the water, Kevita and tea intake.  I also know from reading the book, that the carb flu symptoms will go away now.  My sleep has improved immensely!  It is deep and fulfilling.  I am a little sluggish still while my body is learning to switch from carb burn to fat burn.  I think that takes another 7 days or so.  Then the energy will start to pop and if I want to start exercising that would be the time.  I changed my availability at work yesterday too.  That way I can have more of a schedule for myself and attend some regular yoga classes and such.  I can tell that I am much stronger this time around.  I am more focused on this and I know I will be successful!  I pray that my hands will heal in this whole process.  They are so sensitive and dry and itchy no matter how much lotion I use.

After rereading some of my past blogs, one of the things I did wrong was to eat fruit alone.  Now I know the best way to eat fruit is with a protein.  I also ate dairy last time, although it was grass fed, I am staying away from it this time until 60 days.    

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