Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 2

Day 2~

Onward and upward!  Woke up with a few of the "carb flu" symptoms but feeling pretty good otherwise.  My stomach doesn't hurt like it did yesterday.  I hope that continues.  Filled up my big mug of ice water first thing.  Then I went back to making one of my favorite Paleo breakfasts since I had enough time.  The Aidell chicken sausage, farm eggs, tomatoes and shredded white sweet potatoes.  So delicious.  It didn't miss the cheese at all.  My husband tasted it and liked it too.  I served up the extras to my son Joe without telling him what it was (he doesn't care for sweet potatoes) and he ended up eating the whole bowl!  He really liked it.

I also finished up the grocery list and it is 75% produce!  That could be expensive.  That's okay though, it is an investment in our health.  My computer updated to Microsoft 10 and I am still not used to it yet so the editing on my photos aren't quite as clean yet.  I am pretty sure this photo is upside down.       

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