Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 1- Round #3

Day 1~
April 1,  2016

Well I wish my weight was an April fools joke but it is not!  180 this morning, sadly.  I am just too good of a cook!!!  So, I am dedicating my body with God's divine help to the Whole 30 program again.  It is the only one that makes sense to me, and actually works.  This morning's beauty was also great inspiration for me.  Look at this sunrise!
It is almost if God is cheering me on to success.  I always feel heaviest around my birthday, so this year I want to feel amazing!  The next week after my birthday we will be going out to Arizona also to make a surprise visit to his parents for Mother's Day.  And guess what city they live in? Surprise, lol...I crack myself up in the mornings...such a nerd.
So, after rereading, quickly, the book "It Starts with Food", it didn't take me long to remember how this works.  I know my first two attempts were good, and successful, but I did not embrace it completely.  I always allow some sort of dairy into my diet because I love it so.  But this time I am going to not eat any.  My love for it has slowly subsided over the past year, unless it is raw, organic, grass-fed.  But I will wait unil the 30 days is up and that can be my treat :) 

So my breakfast, was 3 fried eggs, overeasy and two roma tomatoes with a sprinkle of spices on top.
And I am drinking my big green cup of ice water.  I am still a little hungry though, so I am going to eat a banana as well.  There is to be no snacking, so you really have to make sure you fill up at your meals.

Lunch was a little less exciting.  I never feel like doing much, so it was pistachios, carrots, lettuce and an apple.

Dinner was weird.  I went to the grocery to stock up on veggies, meats and fruits and when I got home I cleaned and prepped veggie salad, fruit salad, celery boats, sandwich fixins and hard boiled eggs.  So I just snacked on a little bit of everything while I was doing it.  My stomach was fine with that and I finished off the evening with big mugs of decaf tea. 

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