Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 3-5

April 3-5

These days were much like Day 2.  Still stuck at 179, but feeling in control.  I know there will be a big drop soon while my body is adjusting to this again.  Haven't had any dairy or sugar, vodka, soda or white carbs.  I think my nut mix had a few peanuts in it, but I am not gonna sweat that.  The fact that I am doing so well in the other areas thrills me.  It has been hard for a few moments here and there but it passes by.  I really can't believe it is day 5 already.

I made the family some taco meat for burritos and nachos.  I used the meat too as a base in my breakfast/dinner.  It was ground beef with shredded zucchini, shredded white sweet potato and spinach seasoned with onions and taco seasoning.  Pretty yummy!  I topped mine with eggs of course and tomatoes.

The other meal I relied on the last couple days was a big salad.  I chopped up a bunch of different kinds of veggies and out them in a big bowl in the fridge.  Each time I ate it, I added a hard-boiled egg, nitrate free turkey lunchmeat, sunflower seeds and dressing.  I barely missed the cheese.  The family munched on too.  Bad thing is we are out already and it is only Tuesday haha.  More chopping for momma this week.  Low on funds this week until payday, so will do with what we have.

In between these meals if needed I would grab an apple, Kombacha or a nut mix to snack/sip on.  Lots of tea and water all day long.

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