Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 3

May 6, 2015


Woke up hard again.  It feels almost like a hangover now.  Head, ears, bones all hurt a little. Tummy kind of weird, bright light hurts my eyes, and so very tired.  So I read a little bit before getting out of the bed.  The book calls it "Carb Flu".  Here is the best link I found with more info about it: Carb Flu. In a nutshell, it is something you normally go through that could last 2-8 days before it gets easier.  So, I get up and make breakfast.  Something new today!  I have the day off, so that is even better.

Remember how I mentioned earlier how much I love white potatoes?   Well, that is probably an understatement.  I would have a baked potato for breakfast as often as I could with a fried egg on top and sometimes cheese and tomatoes and onions.  It would provide me with energy and carbs to last for hours (so I thought) and it was cheap.  I was starting to crave a potato by now, but the russets are off the menu.  I did a little searching and found out there is a white sweet potato that isn't as sweet as the orange ones.  Never knew about these before!  I bought two for $1.

I heated up some olive oil in my iron skillet on medium.  I peeled and shredded the white sweet potatoes and flattened them in the pan.  Seasoned with salt and Mrs. Dash.  Meanwhile, I heated the oven to 350 degrees and put in a package of this yummy Chicken and Apple Sausage.

In a smaller skillet, I fried an egg.  I needed more color of course, so I cut up a green pepper and washed up some raspberries.  It was soooo good.  I was surprised.  The berries tasted so sweet.  The potatoes were much different than russets, but in a good way.  They reminded me of a parsnip or carrots.  Savory sweet.  The egg on top made it all perfect.  I ended up cutting the sausage into pieces and stirring it all together.  I could have really eaten two eggs on top.  I probably should have.  Because I was hungry 2 hours later.  I will next time.

I divided the rest up into two more meals.  If you are paying attention, you would say, "But there is one sausage link left?"  Yes, there was.  I divided it into 3 and ate a third, and added the other parts to the next two meals.  I do love my protein.  Part of the reason I know I can make this work for me.

I was exhausted after prepping all that and cleaning it all up.  The carb flu seemed to be taking over my head and body.  I ended up napping for about 2 hours.  It is a real thing. So be prepared.  After waking though, I felt pretty good.  I did some errands around the house.  Laundry, blogging, emails, Etsy management, orders, etc.  Then I was ravenously hungry again.  More so than yesterday.  Luckily I was prepared though. ( That is the key on this new way of eating, or you will fail! )  I grabbed the other half of the green pepper from breakfast, a couple handfuls of pistachios and 6 slices of this yummy Simple Truth ham.  It was just right for lunch or a snack or whatever my body was telling me to eat.

A good article I read to day for inspiration: Lazy Girl Whole 30.  I like to do a little research each day now for recipes and fellow Whole 30 friends advice.  Yesterday I found Kelly at Primally Inspired. She had a recipe for tonight's dinner, Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers & Guacamole.  I wanted to make something the family might enjoy that also was on my plan. 

I didn't need to make the guacamole because I already had some from the store.  I added celery sticks for me and Mexican Rice and optional shredded cheese topping for the family.  It was good, but VERY SPICY!!! Her recipe is how her family likes it.  My family likes spice, but this was a little too much.  Since milk is off the list for me, I had to use a whole cup of guac just to finishing eating the two pepper halves in the photo.  If you decide to try this recipe, flavor the chicken with only half of the hot sauce as the recipe recommends or, use taco seasoning instead.  We have leftovers, so tomorrow night, I am going to cut it all up and use it as filling for burritos.  With some lettuce and shredded cheese, tomatoes on the side, it will be easier to eat.  I also decided tonight to have the family start rating meals for me and they gave it 3 stars out of 5.  I think with a little tweeking, I could make it a 4 star family dinner.

Tomorrow I am going to try and eat bigger meals so I don't have to snack at all like the book wants me to do.  I am pleasantly full after dinner tonight.  So I shouldn't need anything else before bed...another rule they want us to try and follow is not eating a few hours before bedtime.  

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