Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 9


May 12, 2015

Woke up feeling super skinny!  I love it!  I had to go to the dentist this morning though.  Opted for sleep instead of eating beforehand, and now I am all numbed up and can't eat.  Surprising though I am really not that hungry.  It feels kinda of nice to have an empty stomach.  Maybe my body will use some of that extra fat to burn instead.  Don't worry, I can't see this being a regular thing for me haha, I love food too much.  I will just drink with a straw for now, out of the right side of my mouth.  I had a crown put on.  The dentist always has to numb me up a little more than the normal person. Apparently, I am one of those rare folks with and extra nerve in my jaw.  I asked him if it had to do with my blood type at all.  That is rare as well.  AB Positive.  He just laughed and stuck the big, long needle in again.  He is the first one to figure that out though.  Thank goodness.  I have always had bad experiences at the dentist because I could feel everything.  None of those old guys were really paying attention I guess.  I will need a lot more work done this year.  Even more intense stuff.  Ridge augmentation and implants and stuff.  My husbands parents are retired and live in AZ.  All of the folks there go to Mexico to have their dental work done.  I guess it is about half the price as the US.  I might as well try it huh?

Got some Etsy work to do.  Might eat a nice, soft banana if I get hungry.  For dinner, we will have extra guests!  My oldest married son and his wife will be joining us.  My momma is making her famous meatballs.  I can't eat them because of the sugar content though.  On the side, we will be having broccoli and baked potatoes.  I heard that in the new Whole 30 book, the Hartwig's are allowing white potatoes!!!

White Potatoes are Allowed~ I am beside myself with joy :)  So the sides will defiantly be on my plate.  I will still need to add in more protein, so I will add a couple fried eggs on top.  Hopefully the numbing is gone by then.

I need to go buy this book.  This new way of cooking without a lot of carbs is still new for me and I need all the help I can get to be successful.  Even with a couple of slips, I feel very proud to be on Day 9!!!

Just found this recipe for Paleo potatoes~Tuna Stuffed Potatoes.  Yep, I will be trying it soon!  And my newest inspiration from another Whole 30 girl~ MayDae Blog.  She has done it 3 times now!  Her photos are really amazing. She eats Paleo all the time now and does a Whole 30 every now and then to cleanse.  Her beginning self looked a lot like me.  That helps me visualize my future self :)

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