Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 5


May 8, 2015

I am still in a deep fog when I wake up, but there is no more headache or pain.  Just a rumble in my tummy.  I worked late last night.  Normally when I work late, I come home hungry and munch on potato chips or cheese and crackers.  But not his time.  My dinner had still kept me full from hours ago.  This thing, this plan is working,  I am so grateful.  I don't feel like cooking this morning though. It is gonna be and easy breakfast and lunch today people.  So, I start to boil some water for hard boiled eggs and tea.  Outside the window I keep hearing one of our barn cats meowing...her name is Zarah.  Isn't she a cutie?  After the water is done, I walk down to the barn with her to see if she needs food...nope...we go back up to the house...she doesn't want to be, I just play with her a little.  My hunger subsides. The growling goes away.  I wonder if I am still suppose to eat now?  This is a weird new thing for me.  I always feed my hunger.  But the book says to eat no later than an hour after you get up.  Something important about that.  So I will eat.  Bye kitty.

I guess I was too hurried to check on the kitten that I didn't boil the eggs quite long enough. They were still good though!  I ate one before I took the photo also.  I have learned that I need 2 eggs at breakfast to stay satisfied.  I rolled up some turkey, cut orange pepper and celery.  The guacamole tasted delicious with everything.  I used a celery stick to spread it on stuff.   I also had a handful of raspberries after just for a sweet finish.  And as normal my green tea :) 

My beads are calling me now.  I have an art show on Saturday, but I also have to work very late tonight.  I have many things to prep.  Right after the show, I have to go to a wedding.  It is gonna be crazy!  I have to plan exactly how I am going to stick to my new eating plan so I don't mess up.  It is a lot harder when you are away form your home base.  I did pick up some grass-fed beef jerky since I won't be near a fridge.  I figure that, some cut veggies, fruits and nuts and I can make it through the day.

For the family I made beer batter fried fish and fries and asparagus.  I got the beer batter on clearance awhile back and wanted to get it used up.  For me I made the Mexican Burger from Danielle Walker's book Against the Grain.  I have two more left, so I can have one for breakfast in the morning :) Let me tell you, it was divine!!! The guacamole on top was heavenly.  I blanched the asparagus and spread a little grass fed butter on top.  I also had some more celery and guacamole on the side.  I will probably need a snack on my break at work tonight though.  I can tell I didn't quite eat enough.  I am grabbing a banana or apple on the way out the door. 

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