Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 7


May 10, 2015

Has it been a week already? Dang!  I wish I could say that I feel better, or different, or skinnier.  I really don't. I will continue on though.  I have gotten this far.  I shoved a banana in my face for breakfast, I chose more sleep over getting up to cook at 5am.  Luckily, I work at a grocery store, so getting something to eat is pretty easy.  For lunch I found some awesome turkey and fruit on sale! Score!  The grapes were lovely.  I hadn't had any yet on the diet.  I need to buy more of those.  They really take the sugar craving away.

At work they had muffins and cookies in the break room and the sups like to hand out mini candy bars to us.  It has been a normal thing lately.  I give my candy bars to someone else.  I realized it is easier to accept the treat from a supervisor, then just give it away or not eat it than it is to tell them no thank you.  People freak out when you don't want sweets.  They want to know why not and I feel like it is even more difficult to explain.  The world is obsessed with sweets, sodas and alcohol.  When you aren't consuming them, it is overwhelming how prevalent they really are.  

For dinner I wanted to make something special for me and my momma.  I know they look like bananas haha.  Nope, they were delicious scallops!  Green beans again and red pepper.  After dinner I had a little cup of red grapes to top it off.  Not sure I ate enough today though.  It has been 4 hours since we ate dinner. I do feel hungry.  I would love a piece of cheese.  But I am going to bed soon.  Really too tired to worry about it.  The book says stay away from eating near bed time.  I will be a good girl.

Before I do though, I want to share another photo I took today.  My son gave me the most beautiful, country style flower arrangement today.  I wanted to take a cool photo of it to send to my husband so I went outside.  I had the flowers on the back patio and one of the barn cats came over to see what I was up to.  Sweet huh?  

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