Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 4

May 7, 2015

DAY FOUR~This morning I woke up a little groggy again, but a little easier than yesterday.  Thank goodness for that.  My stomach was ready for breakfast and luckily it was an easy one today because of yesterday's leftovers.  So I chopped up the link and 1/3 of the Aidell's sausage over the white sweet potato hash and heated that up in the microwave.  I fried up 2 eggs in some olive oil.  I cut up a red pepper and washed some blueberries.  I bagged up the remaining peppers and berries for quick snacks for later.  By adding the extra egg though, hopefully I won't need to eat again until lunch time.

 My favorite website today for new recipe ideas, Paleo Leap.  They have a nice variety of choices.  Make sure you read thoroughly though, a few contain raw honey and wine, which we aren't supposed to have for the first 30 days.  I filed a few on a pinterest board for the future though.  If you want to check out some of my finds, here is a link, Whole 30 for a Better Me!

I was happy not to need a snack between breakfast and lunch today.  After exactly 4 hours of Etsy work, I was thinking maybe I should eat.  Starting to learn how to fill up better at each meal instead of grazing like the book advises.  This is beginning to be an easy go to lunch for me.  I don't mind spending an hour making breakfast, but I want lunch to be faster since I spend an hour or two on dinner for the family and I.  Banana and nuts go so well together.  I enjoy pistachios because you spend a lot of time getting them open, so you don't eat as many but it feels like you did.  And any kind of meat that is appropriate and peppers of course.  And my beloved new drink of choice, green tea.  If you haven't started drinking it yet.  Please read this article Amazing Benefits of Green Tea.  It is the healthiest beverage on the planet my friends.  

I am enjoying reading other blogs on Whole 30 adventures, but I am missing looking at and talking to the person.  I thought you might be too.  Here I am. No makeup, flat hair that needs cut and color just sitting in my office studio/office working away. 

Well, it doesn't look like it here.  But I am a real girl just like you. What I wanted to show you is after 6 months of giving up soda, drinking green tea and water has made my skin soft and supple.  I feel 10 years younger!  The other benefit is that my, well, how do I put this"feminine area" smells ultra clean! I think it is important for you to also take notice of the good parts of yourself.  I could easily be depressed because of my big belly that has taken over my waist, but I am not gonna!  
I am confident that this new healthy lifestyle will change all that.  I am excited to eventually be able to get back into my size 10 stuff again :)  That was my healthiest size.  I was an 8 for a while, but I was an exercise manic back then and almost too skinny.  But right now it is anywhere between 12-14 and I don't want to buy anymore new things dang it!  Sure, a lot of it will be out of style by the time I get there but who cares haha!  At this age, I am realizing that people really hardly notice that stuff anyways.  It is all about how you treat others, how you carry yourself and who you surround yourself with.  I write all this to remind myself too, so on bad days when I want to break, this will help me.  I have kept a journal on all the diets I have been on over the years...this blog though, I can find easier on the internet rather than a box somewhere haha.  I encourage you to blog your process also.  It is free and it helps you stay on track if you don't have a friend to do it with you.

Time to get dinner going.  We are having leftovers from last night, but I need to make some homemade guacamole since I ate it all up yesterday.  You will love it to egg yolks, they are the creamy, satisfying foods that you make you feel normal.

Man, is this stuff yummy!  It was my first time making homemade guacamole.  I was afraid to use the recipe from the super spicy lady with the buffalo chicken peppers so I went to one of my favorite new books for guidance.  I have tried about 4 things so far out of here and they are all good.  I did add extra onion, tomato, cilantro and lime juice just because I wanted to :)

Now that everything is heating up in the oven, it is time to get ready for work.  That means makeup and hair.  My husband, bless his heart, loves me without makeup.  For some reason I just can't go to work that way.  I feel naked you know.  I just made a hair appointment.  I had to.  It is just not doing anything anymore.  My mother-in-law gave me a monetary birthday gift that will cover a cut and color.  They are expensive, but it usually lasts about 5-6 months.  My girl does an excellent job too. The appointment is over 3 weeks away though, so I might be pony-tailing it until then :)  Here are the two me's...which one do you like better?  I see the innocence in the no make-up, the vulnerability...I see why he would like it better.  I only want him to see me that way though, or others that I trust and love.

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